2017 Quilt Show

Many thanks to the fairgrounds staff, quilters, volunteers, vendors, and visitors to the 2017 Combined Cabin Branch and Stone House Quilt Show. We'll take a short breather and begin planning for the next one shortly.

We have received positive comments about this year's show and hope it pleased all who attended. We look forward to making next year's even better.

Here are the 2017 show winners. Click on the picture to see the artist's name, the title of the quilt and the description. Thanks to Connie Robinson for sharing these pictures taken by Jeanne Endrikat.

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Crown and Feather
By Carol Galaski
The original quilt (Circa 1835), was discarded because it was too worn to be hung or displayed. The lady that purchased it just wanted her auction money back, so it was offered to Betty Neff for pennies. After Betty purchased the quilt she designed and printed a pattern that we can all make and enjoy. I love this quilt and enjoyed digging through my stash and having a reason to stop at several quilt shops from Walkersville, Maryland to Hampton, VA collecting the fabrics used to complete it.
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Dresden Flower Patch
By Diane Hannon
Pattern is Dresden Flower Patch by Quilter's Paradise, Inc. and designed by Colette Belt. I took a workshop at the Quilter's Studio a quilt shop in Fairfax, VA to learn how to assemble the quilt. I fell in love with the pattern and knew I had to make it.
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I Never Saw a Purple Cow By Dianne Werner
My purple cow was inspired by a photograph of an oil painting I saw on a magazine cover AND by a childhood poem:
"I never saw a purple cow / I never hope to see one / But I can tell you anyhow / I'd rather see than be one." – Gelett Burgess (1895)
I handpieced the black and white hexagon background and used the "fabric collage" method to make the cow's face paying attention to value to achieve face shape and depth.
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Papillion By Marla Talbot
This quilt was based the book Quilts Without Corners by Chery Phillips I chose fabrics bought during a shopping trip to PA Amish Co with dear,dear friends who opined freely re all my choices. The quilt was made during retreat with the Cotton Club Guild of North Carolina. When the quilt was unfinished my young grandchild insisted on sleeping "under the butterfly." His then tiny fingers found their way into the antennas. My husband suggested that I should not fix them. So here it is with twisty antennas. I did not want a round or a square quilt, therefore my design has uneven borders.
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A Year in My Life By Shannon Shirley

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Circle of Friends By Betty Jenkins
Circle of Friends is a Jacqueline de Jonge paper pieced pattern. I love the colors and intricacy of the pattern. This one only took about a year to piece. The quilting was done by Julie Brown.
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